How can breather membranes help with fire safety?

Committed to exceeding fire safety standard

The wider Tamlyn family has been committed to fire safety since the company's creation back in 1971, and this is something Tamlyn UK is proud to champion today with our fire-rated construction materials.

Our comprehensive range of fire-rated construction materials are designed to meet and exceed even the most stringent of building regulations, allowing for the construction of safe and secure structures.



flats covered in yellow fireproof cladding

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  • Top hats
    These essential support components and are available in A1 finishes. They are immensely strong, dimensionally stable, and offer a huge improvement over timber alternatives, safeguarding the building's structural integrity.
  •  Membranes and wall wraps
    Our offerings make use of a cutting-edge Reflectaflame glass fibre membrane, achieving an impressive A2-s1,d0 fire rating. This translates into limited combustibility (A2), minimal smoke emission (s1) and no flaming droplets (d0). Cladwrap FR is a woven glass fibre breather that is A1 rated.
  • Intumescent cavity strips
    These innovative fire protection solutions are strategically placed within wall and ceiling cavities to create an effective barrier in the event of a fire. Our intumescent cavity strips expand significantly upon exposure to heat to seal cavities and prevent fire and smoke from spreading through concealed spaces.

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