How can cladding help with leisure buildings?

Our products can take care of exterior aesthetics and indoor comfort

Aesthetics are almost as important when it comes to functionality when it comes to constructing leisure buildings, whether that happens to be a sports complex, a swimming pool or a community centre.

As specialist construction materials suppliers, our product selection empowers the construction of high-performance and aesthetically-pleasing leisure buildings, balancing appearances with functionality and safety.



large building with feature cladding

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  • Wall Wraps
    Leisure buildings can be susceptible to moisture, due to their generally-high occupancy and the possibility of swimming pools. Our breathable wall wraps act as a barrier that protects the leisure building from wind, rain and moisture intrusion, all while enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Cladding
    The exterior skin of your building, cladding is the cornerstone of both your leisure building project's aesthetics and weather resistance. Our selection of customisable colours and finishes allows for visually appealing or striking designs, all while remaining extremely durable and weatherproof in all seasons.
  • Passive Ventilation
    Our passive ventilation solutions promote natural airflow, minimise condensation and create a comfortable environment for the building's users, particularly if they are engaged in physical activity.

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