How can tamlyn help with modular construction?

Specialist construction materials to meet dynamic needs

With their faster project completion times, reduced on-site waste and enhanced quality control, it's no wonder that the construction industry at large is embracing modular construction.

As a specialist construction materials supplier, Tamlyn UK are more than capable of meeting the unique needs of modular construction, helping you to streamline and optimise your projects without compromising on the safety or wellbeing of the occupants.



cladded modular new builds in new community site

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  • Top hats
    Our lightweight yet robust components provide a strong and stable base for attaching cladding planks and ensuring structural integrity, all while being easy to handle and endeavour on-site.
  • Cladding
    The Tamlyn Xtreme range of cladding planks, panels and fascia are particularly suitable for contemporary new build projects. We offer a variety of colours and finishes, allowing us to create a visually striking and contemporary façade that complements any design.
  • Underlays and Wall Wraps
    All-important barriers against the elements, our underlays and wall wraps marry A1-grade fireproofing with enhanced UV resistance and vapour permeability to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

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