How can cladding help with offsite construction?

Helping shape the future of cost-effective construction

Offsite construction offers a wealth of time, efficiency and cost benefits when compared to traditional onsite construction.

Recognising the growth of streamlined offsite construction, Tamlyn UK is here to equip you with all the essential materials needed to streamline your offsite building projects. As specialist construction material suppliers, our range balances efficiency and safety.



modular build arriving on site having been constructed off site

Our products make offsite construction safer, easier and more cost-effective – Browse our shop today.

  • Cladding
    Our selection of cladding options offers both aesthetic appeal and weather resistance, ensuring that your offsite construction projects are both visually attractive and built to last.
  • Top Hats
    These versatile components provide a clean and professional finish to roof edges in offsite construction projects. The Tamlyn UK range in particular are recognised for their superior weather resistance and durability, protecting the roof from the elements and enhancing the overall building lifespan.
  • Ventilation
    Clever use of passive ventilation system fosters a health and comfortable indoor space for your project's occupants without needing to rely on complex, energy-consuming mechanical systems.

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