How can tamlyn help with park homes?

How our products balance durability with comfort

Tamlyn UK recognises the unique needs and demands of park home construction, and the need to marry functionality and amenities with portability.

Our selection of precisely-engineered building materials empowers the construction of comfortable, stylish and weather-resistant park homes, all from a single vendor for simplified procurement and logistics.



white clad park home

We ship within 2-3 days – Take a look at the Tamlyn UK range.

  • Wall wraps
    These breathable membranes form a critical barrier against the elements in park home construction. Wall wraps protect the building envelope from wind, rain and moisture intrusion, safeguarding the structural integrity and energy efficiency of your park homes.
  • Cladding
    Tamlyn UK's industry-recognised cladding options offer both customisation and quality. We offer a variety of high-quality finishes and colour options to ensure your new park home complements the surrounding aesthetic.
  • Underlays
    As a crucial layer between the building structure and cladding system, underlays offer additional waterproofing, insulation and sound-dampening properties, translating into quieter and more comfortable spaces for park home occupants.

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